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The Tiny Merman



In December 2020 we wrote, filmed, edited and produced an entire pantomime loosely (incredibly loosely) based on the Little Mermaid but from the perspective of three ageing divorcees (namely our friend Derek Reynolds, Peter from the garden shop and Alf, the French crab. It was an absolute ball. We didn't give ourselves much time to put it together (say, a month?!) but it was good fun and considering all the things we didn't get to do this year, I guess this made up for it somewhat. 10/10, would recommend.

The panto is available to watch at a secret link on Youtube. Please donate a fiver to our Paypal if you do watch it, which would help support our future creative endeavours. We put a lot of effort into it, and we may even do it live on stage one day!


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Monkspotting began as the idea of doing something big and live in St Davids for Halloween. Using the experience we'd gained from putting on the walking tour all summer, we came up with the idea of doing a Halloween-themed tour, but with dead medieval monks. A sort of monk-safari, if you will. It turned out to be the most successful event we've hosted to date, with over 60 people showing up on the night. Absolute madness walking this many people round the streets of St Davids with monks popping up at intermittent points. 

When things turned a little sour globally-speaking, we took Monkspotting online and in summer 2020 we presented our first ever virtual monkspot, with submissions coming in from all across the UK's burgeoning monkspotting community. We had live video feeds, a monk art competition, and witnessed "the birth" of a baby monk. It truly was a special occasion.

We then did it all again a month or so later and we'll be doing another virtual monkspot as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival 2021, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

We'll probably put any future monkspotting films up on the website too for posterity.

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Church of Phil

Absurd multimedia alternative comedy experience all about a cult that lives on a caravan park in Wales and worship the child star of a 90's pharmaceutical advert. Expect silliness, dance, a psychotic chimp, and just enough blood sacrifice to keep it on the right side of tasteful.

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Church of Phil Mass Extinction Event

In this installment we join cult members Polly and Liam in a state-of-the-art nuclear bunker deep below their commune-turned-caravan holiday resort in Pembrokeshire, as they conduct a special service to celebrate the life of Phil, the 90's child-star with links to Big Pharma, who made it all possible. Expect the unexpected in this surreal post-apocalyptic presentation, featuring home-made props, niche references to 90's pharmaceutical adverts, and a very brittle fourth wall.

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Welcome to the Future

The year is 2058. Humanity has been on a bit of a decline recently. Brexit is in its 32nd round of negotiations. Climate change? You bet. All the cows died out so we've been experimenting with vegetables, which has had some side-effects. Namely, humans are now being ruled by mutant man-eating carrots. Liamtron McKenborg (Liam McKenna) and Pollythena Prestopia (Polly Preston) are fugitives on the run from the vegetable overlords and will do all it takes to save Planet Earth, which may involve the help of a group of people they found cryogenically frozen in a bunker underneath a caravan on an abandoned holiday resort. Imagine Planet of the Apes but with carrots. That's basically what we're going for.

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Past productions


The Mystery Hour

Ex-radio presenters Liam McKenna and Polly Preston are attempting to bring their cancelled late-night mystery-solving radio show to the stage in this absurdist comedy/theatre/experience spectacular. Armed with a ton of half-baked conspiracy theories, a host of DIY props and a stolen BBC fax machine, McKenna and Preston hope to right some wrongs and answer questions from loyal listeners. And they are doing it in the only way they know how: through contemporary dance, puppetry, slam poetry, well-researched acting techniques, and with just a little help from Hollywood movie star Nicolas Cage.

History from the past... But now!

High energy, darkly comic take on the entire history of time and space (with a few bits left out). Ever wonder what a 'Big Bang' actually is? Or who really killed the dinosaurs? And what exactly was the greatest thing before sliced bread? These questions and at least three more will all be answered in History from the Past ... but Now! Part-period drama, part-historical storytelling, mostly made up.


Monk Spotting in St Davids

Who knew such a ridiculous concept would turn out to be so popular. We wanted to put on another Halloween show following on from the much-acclaimed Ghost Squad and after a summer of guiding people around St Davids we hatched a plan to take people around the city streets looking for ancient species of monk. That really was it. About 60 people showed up on the night (bearing in mind our average turnout over summer was approximately 9!) and we tracked down a number of rare and exotic monks, including St David himself. There's something about a large gathering of people roaming the streets of St Davids looking for monks on a cold winter's evening that gives you some hope for the future. We had a blast and will hopefully bring it back this year for Monk Spotting The Sequel: Now with more monks!

Ghost Squad

The annual monthly meeting of the Pembrokeshire branch of paranormal investigators Ghost Squad, hosted by medium and author Liam McKenna and professor Niall Quinn, with unsettling results. This was performed in a creepy 300 year old wine cellar in Haverfordwest and involved a spooky change of direction for the Fire Donkey team.