St Davids Comedy Walking Tour

The Greatest Ever 100% Verifiably Accurate Walking Tour of St Davids

(Back in some form in 2021?!)

Join your deadpan guide Liam and slapstick health and safety advisor Polly for a factually suspect comedy walking tour of historic St Davids, suitable for all the family. Having mined the darkest corners of the internet and thumbed through the dustiest shelves of literature, Liam and Polly have dispensed with all the facts and created a bizarre, fantastical and often unbelievable exploration of the lesser known legends lurking in Great Britain's smallest city. Through a combination of embellished storytelling, blood-thirsty re-enactments, and with a host of local historical characters to meet, this tongue-in-cheek (and fully insured!) tour takes a seed of truth and brings to life a semi-re-imagined version of the history of this proud little city.

Below you can read reviews from members of the public who have been out for a tour with us. You can also watch the virtual tour of St Davids, which we made during spring 2020. It is incredibly silly and gets quite surreal after a while (Liam started experimenting with animation...) More episodes will be added to this in due course!



Bryony W, Cambridge, August 2019

Super silliness in St Davids

"We joined a 5pm tour of the lovely historic village/city of St Davids not knowing what to expect and with our 8 and 3 year old having been dragged along moaning. But we needn't have worried - Liam and Polly were brilliantly imaginative guides and had us giggling from the get go. They were also great with the kids and we all had a suitably silly time. My son pronounced it the BEST TOUR EVER!!!!! - he's been on many but you get the point."

The Evidence

Photographic proof real people came on the tour