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St David Returns to St Davids

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More Nonsense coming soon!

In the meantime, why not catch up with our latest Monkspotting adventures, streamed 20/6/21?

Everyone's favourite absurdist monastic wildlife parody show is back!

The summer months are the perfect time to get out and discover all the plants, fruits and edible flowers that monks have been living off for millennia. But before you go picking through random berry bushes, the Monkspotting team are here to help you in your first steps towards following the strict diet of a medieval monk.

We'll be finding out what medieval monks eat on a daily basis, debating the controversial internet trend of "monkberrying", plus we'll hear from the nutritionist who literally wrote the (900 page) book on how to safely eat the incredibly deadly (but delicious) monkberry (aka the poison berry).

As well as all that we'll be setting up a livestream in the hope of catching some live monk foraging action and as ever we welcome monk sightings from around the British Isles.

Send your sightings, stories, tips and questions to our monkspotters at info@firedonkey.co.uk.

The show will be free to watch but you are encouraged to make a £5 donation per person to paypal.me/firedonkey to keep funding our work.

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